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If the R&B star things doesn’t work out, Miguel may have a career in wrestling. Miguel’s now infamous leap of fail on stage at the Billboard Music Awards went viral moments after it happened. Then, dozens upon dozens of photo mash ups usually involving Miguel, a wrestler or an unfortunate soul who caught the leg fade have been cracking people up all day.

Miguel has poked fun of himself, tweeting (and eventually) deleting, “rockandrollmademedoit.” But he couldn’t have known what was about to go down on the Internets.

So far we have seen women in neck braces, a deformed giraffe and a pair of Air Miguel kicks, with heels. But the most most foul of all has been the dragging of Chris Bosh into the fray. We’ll draw the line at the one involving K. Michelle, though.

Peep the 15  most slanderous photos of the Miguel leg drop meme in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram, Twitter

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