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What looks like the final trailer for Man Of Steel before it flies into theaters in June is here. It features plenty of General Zod, who is willing to wreak plenty of havoc on Earth to nab his Krypton brethren Kal-El aka Superman. Also, we have heat vision.

Says Vulture:

So here’s Michael Shannon getting his own Man of Steel trailer since Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot is less than a month away and maybe you’re not quite terrified of General Zod yet. Maybe you’re still wishing for your old frenemy Lex Luthor. But does that boring baldie have all these MASSIVE SPACESHIPS AND INVINCIBLE SPACE-WARRIORS? Nope. That’s all Zod. And while this is the jumpiest of trailers, gems and clues are clearly buried inside. Amy Adams holds Henry Cavill’s hand, gets flown off by Supes, and maybe puts on some kind of supersuit of her own. And Superman punches tons of stuff and sinks into a pit of skulls.

Things are looking much better than the initial trailers that had Clark Kent looking like an Alaskan fisherman.

We’re sold. Man Of Steel is in theater June 14. Watch the “Fate of Your Planet” trailer below.

Photo: Warner Bros.