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The fifth episode of the latest season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta revealed just how struggle-filled everyone on this show’s life really is. Seriously, these cast members clearly wake up every morning with overt ratchetness and insane f-ckery on their agenda. 

For example, K. Michelle admitted to basically “putting roots” on dudes. With an out of order “wahoo,” that clearly ain’t working out for her. There was a scene were Kirk and Beninzo were seeing playing basketball. No shots, but what is your life about if you are discussing your marriage on reality television with Zinio Grigio?

We also got some attempted fisticuffs between Karlie “Struggle Rapping” Redd and Joseline “The Puerto Rican Princess” Hernandez. Thankfully, the latter came through with a gang of one liners (“I don’t talk to the help.”) to keep us laughing all night. Check out The Princess Diaries: Top 15 Joseline Hernandez Quotes…So Far, too.

About the only positive of the episode was Mimi’s new boyfriend Nikko. However, as K. Michelle will surely point out in coming shows that homeboy may go both ways. Allegedly, of course. Take a look at 12 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s fifth and latest episode in the gallery.

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