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A Nobel Peace Prize should be given to the late “King of Pop” for his valiant attempt to forge a peaceful co-existence between the new King of the West Coast and the G-Unit General. Reflecting on the recent passing of Jackson, The Game spoke on “The Gloved Ones” attempt to mediate and end the 2005 feud with then former G-Unit member and boss, 50 Cent.

Speaking with MTV, The Game said, “I was on tour in Canada, sitting in my room, cutting my hair. I was messing my hair up. Then my road manager knocks on my door. Boom, boom, boom. He told me, I got MJ on the phone. I ran and snatched up the phone.” The two stars spoke on various topics, including his children, Jackson’s love of his single “Hate or Love It,” saving the touchiest topic of that day for last.

“He said, ‘I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about this, but I want to ask you something. I don’t want you to judge me, but I don’t really know everything that’s going on between you and 50. But I want to be the middleman behind you putting this situation to bed,’ “said the West Coast lyricist.

It was Jackson’s wish to facilitate a mediation session between the two musical titans, all in the hope that they would be able to put their differences behind them for the greater good; an act that would present itself as a positive example to the young and impressionable fans of both artists. He hoped showing them how to resolve conflict, could potentially change the cultural face of Hip-Hop culture.

The Game and 50 eventually found a way to co-exist peacefully but the impact of their agreement lacked the significance that it would have had if the King of Pop was involved. Plans for a collaboration between the three artists were on the drawing board, but due to the tragic passing of Jackson, never manifested.