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Most NBA debates nowadays about who’s the best player in the game right now start and end with LeBron James, with some Kobe Bryant thrown in the mix.

Of course, Kevin Durant’s name gets steady mentions, but the glaring omission in his “the best” application is a lack of a championship. But when you’re talking about things like athletic ability, stats and accolades, there are number of players, KD included, who will give King James a run for the money if he ever slacks on his game.

In fact, when taking a look at the dozen players we selected here, the talent gap between James and his peers isn’t as wide as some may think. These 12 NBA players get buckets, dish assists and more importantly always factor in getting their respective teams wins.

As always, feel free to let us know who you think should have made the cut in the gallery. Before you say it, D. Wade’s knees have been gimpy and Dwight Howard needs to focus, man. Peep the “The 12 Best NBA Players Right Now, Not Named LeBron Or Kobe” on the following pages.

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