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Cam’ron never fails to add a comedic touch to any social network he is a part of. Prepare yourselves, the Diplomats honcho, and Juju, has joined Vine.

Most rappers usually give the masses the general day to day activities and special moments. Cam’ron turned it up a notch with a movie starring his fiancée, Juju.

In “A Love Story” this cinematic production is done over the duration of five clips. Viewers will see Cam’ron and Juju in the midst of confrontation, a shootout, making up, and dancing their night away in bliss. Love has no set definition and you can see how these two are able to have fun while being in a committed relationship. The “Oh Boy” rapper is definitely trying to dethrone anyone who is trying to be the crown holder on Vine.

Inspired by “Love to a Diplomat”?  Who knows, but we are definitely looking forward to the comedy that leads to them finally being wed. Hip-Hop love is beautiful y’all.

Watch the Vine clips for “A Love Story” on the following pages.

Scene 1: “B*tch where u been?” – Cam 

Photo: Vine

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