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Although it has been a long time coming, the final product should surely be worth the weight as B.O.B., also known as Bobby Ray, has finally received the released date for The Adventures of Bobby Ray, his debut album.

Scheduled to hit the masses on May 25 with the first single, “Nothin On You” featuring singer Bruno Mars dropped back at the end of November.

Keeping the project under tight wraps, the rapper did leak a special surprise to look forward to.  Both being an admirer of his work, it has been reported that Eminem and Lupe Fiasco will be featured on the freshman’s first official LP.

What their role on the album is, exactly, has yet to be revealed, but the utter mention can only heighten expectations.

As a jack of all trades, being a rapper along with a singer, Ray is also a producer and will showcase his abilities with the upcoming release.

During an interview with HipHopWired, the young up and comer spoke on what he plans to bring in terms of production and how much of his own sounds he incorporated for the album.

“[On] the album, I did about 90% of it but I really wanted to have a colorful album I don’t have to do all of it, I just want to have it where its not monotonous and it’s not boring but it still has that raw energy that people fell in love with from the mix tapes, that’s something I try to keep in mind when I do the album.”

In anticipation, there will also be a new mixtape on the way titled May 25 to hold fans over until the main attraction comes to the stage.

Check out a few new tracks from B.O.B. here:

“The Biz”:

“Nothin On You”: