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Former Atlanta Hawks hoops star Mookie Blaylock was involved in a head-on collision last month that killed a married mother of five. After a week in the hospital, Blaylock surrendered and was placed in the Clayton County jail Monday (June 10). After posting bond on Wednesday, Blaylock was immediately shipped to another jail yesterday afternoon for a probation violation.

Blaylock’s struggles began on May 31, where he claims a medical event led him to drive his SUV over a center line, striking and killing 43-year-old Monica Murphy while driving with her husband in a minivan.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with Blaylock’s attorney, who said his client had a medical emergency that caused him to black out behind the wheel.

Blaylock had an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to a DUI and drug-related charges in Spalding County from nearly five years ago. Because of this, the one-time NBA All-Star was transported to Spalding County jail and is currently awaiting a bond hearing. Blaylock was driving on a suspended license, and was recently arrested in Spalding County for a DUI.

Clayton County officials made mention of Blaylock’s numerous DUI charges in court Tuesday, but alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the fatal collision. Check out photos of Blaylock in court in the gallery…his playing days are long behind him.


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