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We’re deep into season two of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and it’s okay to admit that this train wreck of a reality show, is a safe place. Is it because everybody is crazy? Yes, but you knew that already.

Last night’s edition was full of strife, but not enough shots of the fine patchwork on Kirk’s denim shirt, and ripped jeans. The fashionisto will not be held down, even if he had to play fight his mother-in-law over the baby he doesn’t want. Also, he is still a crab (see: Kirk Is A Crab: 12 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Ep. 8)

Anyway, there was tons of material to pull from in episode nine. To catch you up to speed, Joseline Hernandez really should’ve read that contract, Stevie J is stalking any, and everybody he wants, and Benzino’s neck is still too short to be taken seriously by any of the female cast members, but at least he’s making an effort. That’s what counts.

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