Field Mob member Smoke a.k.a. Chevy P is in the lab working on his official solo album tentatively titled Caprice Classics. Currently bubbling the south with his newest single “Chevy Boy,” the Albany, Georgia MC will also bless his fans with the mixtape “Grandmamma Tried, Volume 1” this month as his solo effort is on deck for early next year. Smoke told Hip-Hop Wired, “I’m doing shows off of mixtapes right now. If they wanna hear these mixtape records, I got it on ITunes. It’s just like an album before the album, just to show people you know I’m still spittin, I’m still coming with hot records. This is what you gonna get when you get my LP.”

Smoke also revealed that he and his rhyme partner Shawn Jay hadn’t exactly broken up but legal situations have prevented them from working together as much as they both would have liked.

“Basically there was legal Shyte going on, Shyte we did in the past that we ran from and it finally caught up with both of us. We both were doing our lil’ thing, and when I got my record deal when I was 19, I was on a roll. I didn’t tell the people at MCA or nothing. Outside of getting some money, this rap money while on a roll, I tried to do this Shyte on the low so the police won’t catch me then try and pay for it when I get the cash. Get my Shyte right. But that eventually bit a ni**a in the a*s before I could stack up enough bread to go deal with it, as far as getting a lawyer or whatever. It’s the same with both of us. That’s both of our problem and it caught up with us at the wrong time but hey I ain’t gone lie, I still look at this situation as a better situation but hey, I gotta prove that to other people. “

Smoke further explained the strained relationship, adding, “That’s what it was! I went to jail, he went to jail. That’s basically what it was. It never was a break up. People made it into a break up because we were rapping individually but when I was in jail, he was out. When I got out, he went in. Then when he got out, I went back in and then now I’m out and he about to go back in a few minutes. There’s no need to be working with him if he can’t be out to promote it.”

Smoke, who is R&B singer’s Ciarra’s first cousin, also stated that the most important objective was to keep Field Mob’s fans fed.

“This is what we do regardless; we were individual rappers before we were a group. This is what I do. Regardless if he go to jail, this what I do. I gotta stick with it! Keep checks coming in, keep doing shows. I keep shows, I’m always doing shows. Field Mob, we had a cult, still got one! They need food, they need to be fed, I got what’s for dinner, period and they pay for it. Whether it’s features, or they wanna see a ni**a get on the got damn stage and rap mad like a gorilla, they still need that Shyte, they want that Shyte. I basically feel like I can do that with my solo Shyte, I can do that. I got that Field Mob sound people are looking for and craving for.”

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