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Back in 2008, Kanye West was reportedly developing a comedy for HBO (or vice versa) styled after Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. A pilot/demo of the show is online featuring Yeezy and actress Alison Quinn. Although it has its comedic moments, it’s not too hard to see why the show was never picked up. 

The clip has apparently been sitting on the Internets for three years, before Gawker noticed it yesterday. In the reel, Yeezus is going to meet a Make A Wish kid who is kind of oblivious to the rapper’s good will. The funniest moment is probably when Quinn says that West has been on the cover of VIBE, and he corrects her. He hadn’t been on the cover of VIBE (alone) just yet, but he was on the cover of TIME.

Thanks to Quinn saying she didn’t think he would be on the cover of the mag, sarcastic Yeezy comes into full effect. “Well, you didn’t have to think they put me on the cover because they did,” deadpans Yeezy. “It didn’t have to be in your thoughts. It was in your reality.”

Shout out to the OG BAPE shark hoodie West is rocking. Watch the reel below. Let us know if you think HBO should have picked up the show, or not, in the comments. And if you see Kanye West in the wild, don’t talk to him about this video or anything else.

Photo: YouTube