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A host of forthcoming quality releases pretty much ensures that Jordan Brand will have sneaker enthusiasts in the camel clutch for the duration of the year. Ready your wallets for more, because the “Fear” pack will be in stores in the coming weeks.

The entire collection is comprised of three classic silhouettes: the Jordan 3, 4, and 5. Today, we’ll give you a better look at the last of the trio.

Thematically, the sneakers are inspired by a combination of the fear Michael Jordan instilled in opponents and the uncertainties he had while ascending to greatness early in his career. Because of this, each model features a noticeably dark colorway — the 5s feature a olive green upper with black and red accents, and a midsole that ranges from a similar hue of green to black.

The “Fear” pack is set to be available for purchase before the end of August. Mind you, the classic Fire Red Air Jordan 3 just dropped Saturday, August 5. There’s an obvious lack of care for our wallets and bank statements.

See photos of the Air Jordan 5 on the following pages.

Photo: Flight Club

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