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The trappings of reality television allow us to love it for all the wrong reasons. On top of being a guilty pleasure, shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewivesand Love & Hip-Hopare everybody’s guilty pleasure. Be confident to admit it, guys! Whether it is the “plot” or just the characters that find you attracted to reality shows, we’ve often found ourselves enamored by the latter for the past few seasons now. As the culture of celebreality proves that it is here to stay, the idea of catapulting individuals to fame for no reason other than the fact that they let cameras follow them will continue to be an attractive alternative for confident and ambitious people.

When it comes to the faces of the programs, we’re shallow when it comes to the ones on this list. All about those pouting lips, curvaceous road lines and that million-dollar making smile has us clearly focused on the ones that are well-liked for more than being just a cool customer. With the masses all attached to the boob tube, we’re taking a look at The 15 Most Desirable Reality TV Stars.

Photo: Release Donkey

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