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Danny Brown‘s name has been circulating the blogosphere today for a variety of reasons. For one, the toothless rapper has hashed out his short-lived “beef” with fellow Detroit rhymer Big Sean.

The pair’s brief spat was less like a typical Hip-Hop grievance, and more of a difference in opinion. It began when Brown commented on Sean’s upbringing in an interview with The Fader.

“You listen to how I talk about Detroit, and you listen to how a rapper like Big Sean talk about Detroit, and it’s like we’re talking about two different cities. Which is probably true, because Detroit is that type of city—he went to the best high school in the city, you know, he probably was real spoiled or sheltered, so it’s like two different worlds,” Brown explained.

The G.O.O.D. Music MC wasn’t very accepting of his D-Town counterpart’s words, and fired back (basically a huge “f**k you”) in a separate sit down with Hip Hop Nation. Today we learned that Sean and Brown discussed their differences and are on amicable terms.

“Me n @XDannyXBrownX talked like men and got it all squared away. The city needs to stick together!! We both agreed ,” tweeted the “Fire” artists to a fan.

Things may be fine on that front, but Brown has a separate issue with his label Fool’s Gold because they’ve yet to release his long-awaited album, Old. He voiced his opinions on Twitter and even threatened to leak the project himself.

See photos of all of the aforementioned tweets and a host of others from Danny Brown regarding Old on the following pages. Be sure to read the dates carefully.

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