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J. Cole can comfortably say that he released one of the best records of 2013. Born Sinner has since been certified gold, but there’s still more work for the Roc Nation MC to do. He recently sat with Lee Hawkins of The Wall Street Journal to discuss a range of topics.

In just under a hour of conversation, the duo basically left no stone unturned as they touched on everything from Cole’s autism apology to graduating magna cum laude from St. Johns University to Trayvon Martin and his views on race in America.

He even spoke on his first advance check. “I’m not even going to put it out there. I’m still way to close to my first advance. It was low,” said Cole. However he went a bit more in depth when recalling the day he received his first big payout.

“I picked it up from the lawyer’s office. I don’t even think I had an accountant yet,” revealed the rapper, who also didn’t have a bank account at the time. He remembers going into a random bank in Manhattan expecting his money.

“They look at the check like, ‘You think we supposed to believe some young black kid brings in some X thousand dollar check?'”

Luckily, times have certainly changed for J. Cole. See the full interview below.

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