Three years after an online petition was drawn up pressuring Atlantic to release Dro’s P.O.L.O. album, the rapper is in the midst of preparing his long-awaited second LP, now titled High Times. He claims not to have known a thing about the movement until it was in full swing. “It made me feel good,” he shared. “It wasn’t a heap of people because the same thing went on with Lupe and it was like, a bunch of people. But I was like, the few people that did say something, it was cool.”

“It was surprising,” he says, “But I was more frustrated at that point because me and my friend for over half of our life… He knew I was going through something, but at the same time, he was talking to me from jail. Shit, I’m out here spending and running the city.”

Now that the momentum is up and Dro is in the studio with the likes of Lil’ Wayne, French Montana and Wale, High Times is definitely on its way and it’s more potent than you’d think — even outside of the special features.

“Mostly it’s about Dro,” he says, “The album is called High Times… Because y’all seen me do the low sh*t, but if you thought those were my high times when I had to wait five years to put an album out, you’re pretty much an asshole,” he shares, laughing.


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