Looks like Katie Couric is looking to score big with either the Hip-Hop audience or the “Let’s see what the scary rapper is really all about” audience. Lil Wayne recently sat down for an interview on Couric’s Katie talk show and discussed dropping out of high school at his mother’s suggestion, his treatment while in prison, retiring at 35-years-old and more.

Weezy told Couric he didn’t regret not finishing high school, at all, but was adamant that all his children would finish school. Tunechi then explained why he dropped out at his own mother’s behest.

“It was my mom’s idea,” explained the YMCMB rapper. “I had an album out. I was platinum already, thank God. I was still trying to go to regular public school. And she saw me getting ready for school one day, and she was walking past the room, and I’ll never forget…she was on the phone with somebody talking loud and she walked past my room, and she saw me putting my gun in my backpack. And she said, ‘You gotta bring that to school with you?’ And I remember I asked her, ‘You don’t want me to bring it?’ And she thought about it, she said, ‘I do.’ So I put it back into my bag.”

Yep, Weezy’s momma brought him his gun. He added, “She said, ‘You’re right. Bring it.’ Because she bought it for me (for protection). She was like, ‘You do need it.’ She was still on the phone, it wasn’t two minutes later, she walked back to my room, andsaid, ‘You don’t go to school no more. You gettin’ a GED,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.'”

Weezy added that he got his GED and went to college. Wayne’s last interview with Couric was a 2009 sit down with “Ms. Katie” for CBS.

Check out more clips Lil Wayne’s interview with Couric below and on the next page. The full interview will be seen on the season 2 premiere of Katie tomorrow, September 9.

Photo: ABC

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