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Allen Iverson‘s ex-wife, Tawanna, is seeking over a million dollars in child support that he says he doesn’t have. The NBA great is asking a judge to have her fall back on her allegedly exorbitant request, with A.I. saying his only source of income is his Reebok endorsement deal

Last month, Tawanna Iverson asked a judge to order to pay years of child support in advance to the tune of $1,272,000. Tawanna asked for the money to be added to a trust fund, citing A.I.’s tendency for late payments.

However, TMZ reports that Bubba Chuck has filed court docs of his own that say he doesn’t have the loot she is seeking. According to Iverson, his only source of income is the Reebok deal he signed years ago. The former NBA MVP is certainly making money since retros of his sneakers tend to sell well, but it is unknown exactly how much he earns from said deal

Interestingly, although the financial settlement of his divorce was not made public, it’s been reported that Tawanna was granted a percentage of the income of his Reebok contract.

Also, A.I. claims to have paid over $500,000 in child support in 2013. Cheaper to keep her?

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