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Even with the late producer J Dilla gone, his family is continuing to keep the legacy of James Yancey alive.

With West Coast probate attorney Alex Bordern officially being named the administer of Jay Dee’s estate, the family has decided to launch the J Dilla foundation which will provide more security and a means of prosperity for his mother, Maurenn “Ma Dukes” Yancey, along with his daughters and brother.

“We’ve got cutting-edge people all over the country waiting to work and be a part of it. Everybody’s on one accord it seems like the universe is working with us,” said Maureen Yancey.

“The entire family knows how Alex’s team works and how they’ve pulled together and stood up for us even before this time, and it’s just been excellent. The communication is wonderful. It’s like family…we’re just one big family.”

His Estate will serve as an outlet for the Yancey family to be bestowed with future financial growth fro the late Dilla through his name, merchandise and his musical recordings.  The overall purpose is to continue his musical journey and create an enterprise that will be controlled by his loved ones once the probate process is finally complete.

“The Foundation is to keep Dilla’s dream alive to help youth—those who aspire to make good music—and develop their time, talent, and nurture their skill. We also want to be there financially for those who are talented but don’t have the money or access to the networks they need to help them grow,” said Yancey.

Along with providing for the ones left behind, the J Dilla Foundation will also become a nonprofit charitable institution to aid in funding towards the further development of music within the inner city and supporting students financially through scholarships for those attending schooling with progressive music curricula.

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