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The parent of a 6th grader in Mississippi, who chooses to remain anonymous, is upset that her child was taught about Jay Zs rise to prominence in class. The mother of the Desoto Central Middle School student is angered that for three days her son was being schooled on the rapper/mogul’s “thug life.”

Reports Fox News:

A parent, who had a son in the English class, reached out to me – and she’s fired up. The mad mom asked to remain anonymous over fears of repercussions. I was able to verify her claims and have agreed to provide anonymity.

“One of the songs listed on the paper that was brought home was ‘Big Pimpin’,” she told me. “Another song talked about thug life. My child was getting an education about thug life.”

She could not believe that her child was learning about a man who sings songs that degrade women and glorify the thug life.

“When he pulled out the paper in his backpack in the car, I called my husband right then,” she told me. “I was furious. We talked about it until late that night. My husband was about to blow his top.”

Honestly, “Big Pimpin'” probably wasn’t one of the best songs from Jay Z’s massive discography to use in class. However, we’re going to go out on the limb and assume that the schoolteacher was not glorifying Shawn Carter’s sordid past but instead focused on masterful business moves.

The fact that the parent quickly referred to the “thug lifestyle” of a rapper who deals with the like of corporate entities like Samsung, helped bring an NBA franchise to Brooklyn and just cooked up a Holiday collection with Barneys New York means said parent probably has some ill preconceived notions of the “gangsta rapper.” The fact this went down in Mississippi also isn’t helping her case.

Would she be beefing if the lesson was about say Johnny Cash, who routinely sang about shooting people? The report also comes via Fox News, so there’s that. Just something to think about it.

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