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As previously reported Fox News Commentator and shock value enthusiast Bill O’Reilly took it upon himself to compare the Southside of Chicago to the embattled nation of Haiti.

Now a Chicago native himself, Lupe Fiasco, is speaking out to say that he agrees with Amerikkka’s finest.


Speaking in an interview with MTV News Lupe says that he concurs with O’Reilly and that although there are no toppled buildings in the Chi, the comparison still stands.

“There’s a certain level of concurrence…not now because there’s no toppled buildings unless you count the projects but pre-earthquake Haiti, very much so.”

Continuing further Lupe brings up when he was in Africa (which is NOT Haiti) and says that the “extreme poverty” made him feel right at home.

“When I was in Africa, when I went to Tanzania there was this extreme poverty, this extreme corruption and it looked so much like the Westside of Chicago…when you’re comparing parts of the country that are primarily African American or Latino it’s very easy to compare it to the third-world…”

Listen to the rest of Lupe’s ludicrous comments below.

Dear Bill and Lupe, you’ve made your point.

Yes, parts of Chicago are poor, yes there are parts of the U.S. that are desolate but I HIGHLY doubt they are comparable to the conditions of Haiti.

Even before the earthquake Haiti was still the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and furthermore, the impoverished in the U.S. have government assistance i.e. food stamps and welfare.

Do you really think they have something comparable in a third-world country like Haiti? Hmmmm.

So with that being said Lupe, stop being so quick to throw your city under the bus especially if you’re not doing anything to help.

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