There’s nothing more satisfying (or depressing) than seeing one of your beloved television shows come to an end. With the end of Breaking Bad still stuck in our craw, we rounded up the 10 most controversial series finales which disappointed fans and critics alike.

It’s no secret that we all love television here at Hip-Hop Wired. If you don’t, then we’re seriously questioning your mental and emotional health. Week after week, hundreds of millions of people tune into their favorite television shows awaiting the next adventure or tale to develop in front of their eyes.

But as the adage goes, “What begins must come to an end,” and over the course of TV’s history notable series have come to an end. Whether it was by their own choosing, low ratings, or just simply due to cancellation — the creative team behind these programs are forced to craft an ending that ties all of what viewers have seen in past seasons and put it in a bow. By providing a strong conclusion that leaves fans and critics feeling justified in having invested so many hours over the years, it is quite the tightrope walk that have dogged even the most critically acclaimed television shows (Seinfeld anyone?!).

Due to the recent lost of AMC‘s Breaking Bad from television screens, we decided to take a look at the most controversial television series finales that make you say, “WTH?”

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