The Miami Heat are one championship win away from that elusive ‘three-peat,’ something that hasn’t been done since the days of Shaq and Kobe. As the season inches near, we look at some obvious (and not so obvious) challengers to the throne.

The Holy Grail within the National Basketball Association is the pursuit of creating a dynasty. It is something that legends such as Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and the aforementioned Los Angeles Lakers tandem did almost with relative ease. It is also something that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh predicted early on when they merged their talents on the court in the summer of 2010.

While Miami Heat team president Pat Riley may have the trademark on the contracted word, there are quite a few consistent challengers to the champ’s place amongst the all-time greats. If the team thought winning back-to-back titles was hard, just wait till the season gets off and they have Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and the Indiana Pacers to face again.

As the South Beach superstar’s quest is fraught with peril, we offer 10 NBA Teams That Could Dethrone The Miami Heat.


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