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We know that we had a story go up earlier that said Kentucky Fried Chicken fixed Danny Brown’s grill, and if you believed that ridiculous farce we do apologize. With the help of Google and social media snooping, anyone with good sense would have known it was all one big joke.

A Tumblr page which pretends to be owned by Pitchfork has a handful of “news items” mocking stars who are currently in the headlines. Real heads know that Pitchfork’s official Tumblr page looks entirely different from the one that supposedly broke the Danny Brown dental surgery story.

Earlier this morning, the Detroit rapper to Twitter and clowned all fans who believed that KFC would actually pay thousands of dollars to fix up Brown’s teeth.

“I ain’t got my damn teeth fixed … Y’all resharded,” tweeted Brown

Brown should still celebrate the great debut week Old has just the same. Check out the flick that had the Internets fooled on the next page.

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