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Kanye West is getting very comfortable in the Bay Area. During his most recent visit, he spoke with 99.7 NOW about the importance God, family, why design can change the world, who came up with the title Yeezus and why he cannot be changed.

“A lot of times people look at celebrities like a video game character or an avatar. And I’m gonna tell you what up with me: My joystick is all the way out the plug. You ain’t controlling this avatar in any way,” West said.

By now, that should be common knowledge. Besides, who else would have a fake Jesus on stage night in and night out on their tour. But to the G.O.O.D. Music founder, this isn’t a totally justified move. In a previous interview, he spoke on how Christians are able to portray God in art if they so choose.

Of the musical equivalent to said justification, West said, “If I hadn’t made ‘New Slaves,’ then I couldn’t have had that portrayal of Jesus [on stage]. And then I would be on a slippery slope of ‘control of perception,’ as opposed to just being extremely creative and expressing exactly what I wanted to do, whether people took it as a mistake or not.”

Hear Kanye West speak more in the three part sit down below and on the following pages.

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