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With TDE in the news for all the right reasons, the entire world is anticipating ever bit of news and tidbits they can get. They operate as a well-oiled machine with each member of the organization playing their part for totalitarian success.

One of the cogs in the wheel, co-president Anthony “Punch” Henderson is a big reason why the movement is so fluid. He operates as a mentor, A&R and facilitator as well as juggling his presidential duties. Taken from the excerpts of TDE’s recent XXL cover story, the man with the plan spoke with kris ex about the direction he sees his regime going in the upcoming months.

In reference to R&B rookie, SZA:

What are your plans with her?

It’s so different with her because she don’t have an actual genre. You can’t really call it R&B and you can’t really call it alternative. It’s hard to actually say, so we’re just going to put it out and let the people flock to it. It’s just real music that you can’t box in, so different people are gonna be attracted to it for different reasons. A lot of the music is in her own head so she’s giving thoughts that somebody might be thinking but might not be saying. I see a lot of people hitting her up like, “Yo, this is exactly how I was feeling. It’s crazy—you’re saying what I’m thinking.” So you could tell the connection is actually starting.

And when it comes to the curious case of that Black Hippy album…

Would that be something you guys are willing to do, where you’re working with different labels and learning different systems?

There’s different ways to do it—Wu-Tang split everybody up. They had guys here, there, all over the place. Basically, if one guy is here, everybody’s here, really—’cause everybody’s going to be on the project, so everything is intertwined. Or you can go the route where you just put everybody in one thing [and] concentrate all the forces there. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. With us, it has to match what we’re asking for. We’re not gassed, but we’re not budging. We don’t need to budge, really, at this point. Kendrick been touring three years straight and he just dropped his album last year. So that’s before [the] label, before radio—we’re already reaching these people, and now our platform is bigger. We still have Black Hippy as a group—all four of the guys; that’s an artist in itself. It’s different ways to do it. I don’t want to go too specific on the terms of what we’re asking for, but we’re not going to move off of what we asking for.

Whatever they plan on doing, we’ll definitely be watching.

Read the entire scribe over at XXL.

Photo: Michael Scott Slosar