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The Game has been known for his known for his charitable nature many times over and now it’s Cousin TeRio’s time to benefit from the OKE star’s acts of grace.

You may remember the youngster becoming an Internet sensation a few months ago as result from his dance moves. The buzz has since died down (with the apex coming from the hands of Meek Mill’s Kendrick diss) but Game reached out to spread love to nonetheless.

The dramedy begins with both gentlemen heading to the barber shop to get faded up, with TeRio getting his trademark phrase, “Ooooh” in the back of his dome. Yeah, O.K. He’s only 6 years-old so we guess it will fly.

A fun-filled morning soon follows as they post on up on the sidewalk for photo ops with onlookers and “turn up” in the car to Drake’s “Worst Behaviour.” Keen to the culture of the day, TeRio points to Game’s shirt and casually pointed out “that’s Versace,” which instantly left the rapper stumped.

The clip comes to end for a dinner at none other than Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. All the while, Game’s “Life Is But a Dream” plays alongside the clip, giving viewers more incentive to download OKE.

Is this exploitation or a good gesture on Game’s part? What say you, good people of the Hip-Hop Wired community?