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“Me and Em talked about something today…we’ll see.”

There is always more to come over the horizon and 2010 in Hip Hop music continues to look more promising.

Fresh off a performance with Eminem, rapper Drake has begun to talk about collaborating with the Detroit MC once again, but this time for his debut album, Thank Me Later.

With the news being fresh and still shaky, the result of “Forever” shows the potential with “Drop This World” making speculation more concrete.

If anything, Drake might have the opportunity to get over on Em after their first offering, but word to the wise, many have tried and fell very short of such task.


“Drop This World”

Shady has built quite a body count in murdering people on their own track, so be weary.

Speaking with MTV, the Young Money artist also spoke on advice that Slim Shady gave the up and comer prior to their recent performance.

“Em gave me probably one of the best speeches … not really a speech, but … he gave me that reassurance,” Drake said on the red carpet.

“He was like, ‘Man, anytime you need to look over at me, don’t get nervous. Just look over at me, man, and I’ll give it back to you. Everything will be all right. Don’t be nervous.’ For him to say that to me — I feel like that was an important moment. It was nice.”

While the album has no actual release date, the rapper did state that the first single should be released in the next week or two as he finishes up his project.  Fans will truly have to thank him sooner than later if he is able to snag Shady for the upcoming release.