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We here at Hip-Hop Wired fancy women of all shapes and sizes. Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on petite chocolate drop Aeja Lee, our latest Bangin Candy and a departure from the amply thick ladies that often fill our pages.

It’s also worth noting that Lee isn’t a model, video vixen, or the like. Instead, she runs Don’t Copy Me, “an online retailer specializing in fashion clothing for young women.” That said, the Orlando native has an entrepreneurial spirit and beauty to boot.

Again, she’s not what you’d call bottom-heavy, but she does have a nice shape. She’s also very busty, so there’s that.

It’s Lee’s face that will catch the attention of any gent with two eyes and a pulse, though. Credit that to the southern belle’s captivating eyes and perhaps a flawless complexion.

If you’ll be in Florida any time soon, you may want to keep your peepers open for more than Disney World. We’re just saying. See a gallery of Aeja Lee on the following pages.

Aeja Lee: Instagram (@loveaejalee)

Photo: Instagram, VXN Studios, Natasha Smith

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