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Corey Dunton, the shooter who opened fire in a Bryant Park skating rink in New York attempting to lift an expensive jacket last weekend, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder. In a bold display of defiance, the teen mouthed expletives to media outside an NYPD police precinct as he was being led out by cops.

Dunton, 16, allegedly tried to rob Javier Contreras, 20, of his Marmot “Big Boy” parka, which is also referred to as the “Biggie” coat, last Saturday (Nov. 9). As he was being led from the Midtown South Precinct, Dunton had some choice words for the throng of media assembled outside.

“F-k all you ni—as — GGL!” said Dunton to reporters questioning his motives. He then responded to a New York Daily News reporter who asked if Dunton if he did try to steal the Marmot jacket. It wasn’t over a jacket. It was over your mother, n—a!” the boy said as he was shoved into a police cruiser.

As reported yesterday, the boy went to Facebook to essentially confess to the crimes as police swarmed his mother’s Bronx apartment. Dunton fired three shots with two hitting Contreras, a Manhattan resident, and 14-year-old Adonis Mera who was struck in the back and was reportedly paralyzed. Further reports say the family is still awaiting a final diagnosis.

Dunton’s father defended his son, saying that no weapon was recovered at the scene despite the incriminating posts on Facebook that suggested he did bring a weapon to the skating rink.

Dunton was identified as the shooter by several eyewitnesses.

Check out the video of Dunton cursing at the media on his way out of the precinct, along with photos of the grinning shooter and victim Adonis Mera on the flip.

Photos: NBC New York, NY Daily News, NY Post

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