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We’re seeing the aftermath of the hoopla surrounding statements Trinidad Jame$ made about New York City Hip-Hop at a Brooklyn concert Tuesday (November 12). Just 48 hours later, Maino and others have issued Twitter responses, and now we receive a track from the Atlanta rapper called “L.I.A.A.R.S.”

It’s unclear whether this tune was freshly recorded following the backlash Jame$ received for saying the south “runs New York, musically.” However, he does have some words for fake friends and storied detractors alike. This includes purveyor of true-to-the-guts Hip-Hop and Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg and outspoke Power 105.1 personality Charlaemange Tha God.

“You are not fin’na talk to me crazy,” the rapper said prior to beginning his verse. Coincidence? We think not.

Separately, Maino, NYC’s most outspoken MC on the matter, spoke with Hot 97 about why he felt Jame$ was being disrespectful.

“It’s an unspoken law that you don’t go to somebody’s city and talk down on it. Whatever the problem is, it don’t matter,” Maino said.

He continued, “I looked at it, I watched it, [and] I understood where he was coming from. And then, it’s laced with a little undertone. He said, ‘Yo, I ain’t trying to start nothing but if you want to do something, we can do something.”

That seemed to be the basis of the Brooklyn native’s issue with Jame$ words. “You got a lot of people that been wanting to style on New York for a long time, and have been waiting on an opportunity to do that,” Maino explained.

Hear Trinidad Jame$ “L.I.A.A.R.S.” record below. The audio from Maino’s Hot 97 call can be heard on the next page.

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