Trinidad James recently informed the world that “the south runs New York musically.” Accordingly, the rant drew a lot of heat from Maino (who threatened to take Jame$ to a dentist), Smoke DZA and others. The struggle rapper has since responded with “L.I.A.A.R.S.”, which has fueled more conversation about the regionalism in Hip-Hop.

Since the explosion of Crunk music, the airwaves of New York Rap radio have been largely dominated by southern artists. In turn rappers from the five boroughs have felt in a ways about the lack of support from local radio and the quality of  bars coming from past the Mason Dixie Line.

But this is not the first time the Dirty South and the Big Apple have not seen eye to eye. In the past we have seen shots taken and notable artists get snubbed while visiting and more.

So we present 8 of the most notable New York and South misunderstandings. Our intention is not to spark beef but educate the game that if these beefs can get settled so can this issue with Trinidad James.

Let us know which beef intrigued you the most in the comments section.

Photos: YouTube, MTV, Keepittrill, DTP Records

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