San Francisco was the center of national media attention after the epic “BatKid” event that swept the city last Friday. But it appears that police may have been overzealous in searching and allegedly assaulting a young, Black college student biking home after the feelgood event, and reportedly beat back individuals trying to assist him.

According to photographer Travis Jensen, 21-year-old D’Paris Williams was biking home after taking in some of the BatKid events in the city, and was in his Valencia Gardens neighborhood when two undercover officers approached him. According to several developing reports, the cops beat Williams, also known as DJ, unconscious and also bloodied the face of a resident who got in the middle of the fracas.

From Jensen’s Instagram:

Yesterday afternoon, while riding his bicycle home from the Make A Wish Foundation’s “Bat Kid” happenings, DJ was confronted by two undercover police officers in an unmarked vehicle at the Valencia Gardens Apartments in the City’s Mission District. Apparently, the officers said something to DJ about riding his bicycle on the sidewalk as he was pulling up to his home in the complex. It is unclear whether the officers identified themselves or not, but did proceed to get out of their car, grab DJ from behind as he was entering the home and beat him for no apparent reason. A police search uncovered a cupcake and juice that DJ had just purchased from the corner store.

Residents filmed the confrontation, and caught one of the officers striking a detained man on the ground. According to an report, Williams’ sister witnessed the incident and was pushed by the cops while holding a newborn baby as her brother tried to enter his home.

A man only known as Orlando was injured by the cops, and according to Jensen, was released hours later.  SFPD commented on the matter, although they said they reacted using reasonable force. Williams was in court earlier today for four felony charges and one misdemeanor for allegedly resisting arrest and fleeing from officers to his home.

Hit the next page to see a photo of Orlando being dragged away by the cops, and also to see video of the altercation. A warning: the clip displays violent images.

[Uptown Almanac]

Photos: Instagram, YouTube

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