The climate for Regis Philbin’s Crowd Goes Wild ranges from unpredictable to unbelievable. And thankfully for the Hip-Hop community, the producers of the show toss rappers the occasional bone for the spotlight (not to mention the plethora of rap references found in the dialogue).

At 82 years-young, Regis is still proving he can keep up with the young bucks of broadcast and having members of the Wu-Tang Clan on the show are attempts to drive home the point.

His next dive in the fountain of youth came when he invited RiFF RAFF to be a guest on his pseudo-comedy special. When you show love, the favor is usually reciprocated and Mr. Jody High Roller namedropped the god Regis in his latest video, “LEFT WiTH A BiSCUiT CAME BACK WiTH A CHiCKEN.” (Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.)

In the game of freeze tag props, Regis was it and on the latest taping, he follows the teleprompter’s orders and gives a shoutout to his man who dropped a “def video.”

“I love my rappers, I love them!” the host exclaimed. “Me and my rappers together, forever.” It was obvious deviation from the script and caused Regis to grimace as if he couldn’t even take his own self seriously.

Take a gander at the clip below and if you feeling up to the challenge, venture over to the next page and watch RiFF RAFF’s latest “def video.”

Photo: Fox Sports

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