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All-Star first baseman Prince Fielder was traded from the Detroit Tigers to the Texas Rangers today (November 21). Baseball free agency is big business but sources are suggesting that the deal has more variables than meets the eye.

Deadspin obtained audio of former Tigers pitcher Denny McLain and he offered up reasoning–albeit vague explanation–as to why the trade took place during a segment on a local Michigan radio show.

“I believe it had to do with all the ongoing ‘domestic issues’ going on down here,” McLain speculated. “There’s some information withheld from Fielder that he found out about and that sparked him wanting to leave [Detroit]. It’s kind of an ugly, ugly story.”

The “domestic issues” could range from anything from Fielder’s teammates smanging his wife to being bullied like he was a Miami Dolphin. Mclain believes everything should come into light within the next few days so we shall wait and see.

The Detroit Tigers acquired second baseman, Ian Kinsler in exchange for Fielder. The Rangers are also receiving $30 million cash to offset the cost, reports ESPN. Like we said, big business.

Listen to the audio below and see if you can make out Danny McLain’s comments. We have a feeling that this can get ugly.

Photo: CBS Sports