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The ten Baptist church members that were caught illegally driving to the Dominican Republic with 33 Haitian children have been charged.

The Haitian Judicial system has charged all ten people with child kidnapping and criminal association.

The church members who were on a mission trip to the embattled country say that while they didn’t have permission from the government, they were trying to rescue the children and take them to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

Several parents in Haiti have admitted to willingly giving their children away because the American missionaries promised to give them a better life.

All ten of the individuals are in jail and should be sentenced in an estimated three months.

The kidnapping counts carry a possible sentence of five to fifteen years in prison while the criminal association counts have a potential sentence of three to nine years.

As previously reported, Wycelf Jean was particularly angry about the this case and sent a message to child traffickers saying,

“My message to the child traffickers n Haiti I give you my word we will hunt you down one by one, and you will be judge(d) with no Mercy!”