The late J Dilla’s life after death continues to inspire Hip-Hop heads all across the globe.

Earlier in the year, there was an EP of material compiled to make up The Diary. And now, Dillatroit, a project that was exclusive only to vinyl heads is getting its just due for a new era and being made digital.

The project came about when Detroit native and house producer, Moodyman collected a batch of loosies from Dilla’s crates and devised a master plan. He describes it as a “documentation for all historians and music lovers worldwide.”

Fans that already own the vinyl edition of the album still have an incentive to purchase the digital version. It will feature two bonus tracks swiped from Dilla’s Lost Scrolls album.

The digital album will release December 10 and is now available for pre-order on iTunes.

Click the next page to see Dillatroit’s full tracklist as well as the official “Dillatroit” video which was released last year.

Photo: YouTube

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