The Combat Jack Show is still holding it down as one of the best podcasts on the Internets and their latest episode had a gang of guests. However, we must take note of the homie Freshalina getting interviewed by Combat Jack and Dallas Penn.

What happens when four guests get booked for the Combat Jack Show on the same night? You’re about to find out! Sit back and enjoy as the CJS crew brings you up and coming Bronx rap group, BIC (Bitches Is Crazy, 29 min mark), Freshalina (Crunk and Disorderly, 1:09:01 min mark), Kool A.D. (Formerly of Das Racist, 1:49:31) and NYC producer Marco Polo (2:18:30). For the next two hours and forty one minutes (yes, you read that right) you are now tuned in to Thee Almighty Combat Jack Show!

Freshalina talked about her come up including launching Crunk + Disorderly in 2005, the merits of Job Corps, the influence of Byron Crawdord and why she still doesn’t consider herself a writer.

Listen to The Combat Jack Show below.

Photo: The Combat Jack Show

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