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An hour doesn’t go by without a rapper claiming to bring a sound no one’s ever heard or “transcendent” to the culture. Rob Coin and producers Soft Glas and Day G., best known as After The Smoke are overly reliant on the :48 second teasers of forthcoming videos or interviews that amount to nothing learn. Their almost reclusive nature can be likened to the extreme quality of music they feel comfortable delivering to the masses.

For the uninitiated, the new long player, Microwaves looks to be a guide through time travels beyond the smokey realms of their creative process.

Dark and lovely best describes an After The Smoke experience. The group’s moniker alludes to the intoxicating vices that one might indulge in enduring the everyday struggle. It’s the master of memorable and efficient melodies that really set them apart and make the project extremely radioactive.

Although the album is best enjoyed from top to bottom, those looking to score an instant fix should watch the previously released videos in “Wallstreet,” “Moments” or the million-plus viewed, “OIAM.”

Without further adieu, the free LP is available for stream and/or download below at the user’s preference. Get it while it’s hot!


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