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There are certain artists that paint a target on their back the moment they start talking. This is a trait shared by everyone in our first entry of The Struggle Awards 2013, hosted by Charlamagne Tha God, the  “Struggle Existence of the Year” category.

Too often, any viable commentary these people uttered was promptly overshadowed by their whining. One is unfortunately looking forward to a life behind bars. Some often beefed about fans and the media hating on them on social media, yet refused to ever log off. One guy even married his sidechick. These are just some examples of our nominees whose very existence has turned into complex mix of f-ckery and tragedy.

Peep Charlamagne explain whose life was all about struggle in 2013, including why Chris Brown is a prisoner of his skin complexion and how Kanye West is a walking contradiction, and more, in the video above. Be sure to vote who should win “Struggle Existence of the Year.”


These artists were in the news for all the wrong reasons, vote below.