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The Game has had a very busy 2013 with a second season of Marrying The Game, being a dad, promoting his fifth album, Jesus Piece, and occasionally serving a fade here and there. Yet, the Compton rapper still makes the time to compete for the Madden NFL 25 crown at Best Buy’s Ultimate Madden Championship at AT&T Stadium.

Even though the “How We Do” rapper has been a free agent for most of this year, he has remained a constant fixture in the news with lawsuit stemming from the beat down he served struggle rapper 40 Glocc on camera, a variety of features and reports of signing to Cash Money Records.

While in between the festivities at the Madden Championship, Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Chuck Taylor to discuss giving your favorite rappers that work on Madden football, if the YMCMB deal is off the table and his recent charity endeavors.

Hip-Hop Wired: You’re attending the Best Buy Ultimate Madden Championship at AT&T Stadium, how’s the experience of playing for the Madden crown?

The Game: You know what it is, I’m the best Madden player in the world so competing for the crown is really competing for a crown that I already have. So I am just really defending my crown. I’m sort of the Floyd Mayweather of Madden. So they flew out here to whip somebody’s ass on this stage at [Dallas] Cowboys stadium and I feel a certain way about being at Cowboys stadium being a [San Francisco] 49er’s fan so I brought my 49er’s hat out here and we’re going to do it.

HHW: You’ve been a fan of the series for so long, what your favorite aspect of the game?

The Game: The hit stick man. I love the hit stick man. When you set a running back or receiver up and you hit them at the right moment and the ball pops out. I never get tired of that.

HHW: In 2009 you famously gave Bow Wow a beating on Madden, has he asked for a rematch?

The Game: Every time I get asked about Madden I get asked bout Bow Wow; it’s sad for the little guy. He’s a good guy he’s just not good at Madden. No he doesn’t want a rematch but if we do one it has to be live on television and he doesn’t want any parts of that.

HHW: Any other rapper or entertainer that wants to play you?

The Game: You know what? Snoop [Dogg] talks a lot of sh-t but I haven’t really caught him in a couple of years so we’ll see if he is still a Pittsburgh Steelers fan or not. Actually I saw him the other day [on the internet] wearing a Seattle Seahawks hoodie or hat or something. I thought he was Steelers; I don’t know man. I’ll get him though.

HHW: You and Birdman were going back and forth on Twitter a couple of weeks ago about you making YMCMB your new recording home. Shortly after a video of you explaining that the deal is not official yet hit the Internet. What’s the update?

The Game: The update is when it’s Christmas holiday all record labels and law firms shut down for about three weeks so there is nothing that can be done. Obviously Cash Money [Records] is where I want to be. That’s where Birdman and the whole team want me to be; aside from signing on the dotted line and doing the paperwork that’s home. When January comes around we’ll pick up those conversations and solidify it.

HHW: You just released “The Last Supper” featuring Jadakiss, Styles P. and AR16. How did that song come about?

The Game: Anytime I need The Lox I just reach out and call them. I have a good rapport with pretty much all rappers so whenever I need something we get it done. We just did a dope song and I put my boy AR16 on it. It is just good Hip-Hop. It’s not for anything specific it is just good music.

HHW: You have been very active in your community efforts this year. What sparked it?

The Game: I just love helping people. I think because there is Instagram out now it is more glorified now and you can see it when it is happening. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of my career.  I have a giving heart.

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