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Old Man Ebro recently tried to convey to Wale the value of having a weighty catalog opposed to having a career that was just flash-in-the pan. Wale, who is going on to make his fourth album sometime next year, will be one of the few MCs who came up in the digital age with an actual discography.

That type of build-up only comes with time and dedication–or does it? What if you actually flooded the market with multiple albums in one year?

The premise for numerous projects from one artist in the mixtape circuit isn’t uncommon at all. But studio albums take planning and precision and paper money. (Unless, your name is Beyoncé Knowles.)

Since Talib Kweli is set to release his second album of 2013, Hip-Hop Wired looks at 15 rappers who released two albums in the same year.

It may not be the best angle for MCs to put their best foot forward musically and creatively, but y’all know the saying. You can’t knock the hustle.

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