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Sorry to disappoint UGK fans who were looking to call Bun B mayor of Houston. The southern gent with the reputation for delivering trill packages told MSNBC’s Tamron Hall that despite a healthy rumor for him to shoot for Houston’s mayor’s office in 2015, it just wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense from the seat where he’s sitting.

“It’s just not practical. I haven’t had any real experience in the political world,” he openly admits.

A political website stirred the pot for the legendary rapper, born Bernard Freeman to really jingle the keys to the city but despite it being a current m.o. for unqualified celebrity figures to run for whatever office of their choosing, the Trill O.G. knows that he doesn’t want to get in over his head.

“[If] I were to look to run for mayor, I would probably start somewhere in city council and get the feel of local politics; get my hands dirty so to speak–not dirty though, [Laughs] but get my feet in the water.”

Besides, Bun’s appearance on primetime television was to catch and fry a much bigger whale of a problem. Law enforcement have recently been targeting rap lyrics as methods to build a case on their accused persons of interest and many don’t believe that justice is being served.

Wu-Tang affiliate Shyheim Franklin was recently accused of killing a man in a hit-and-run case and for prosecution to draw lyrics from his albums in the 1990s when he was a fledging artist would appear to be a corruption of the facts.

Check out the video below where Bun B gives the type of answers that we would expect from a civil rap artist who could even be considered for a political office. Maybe one day.

As an additional bonus, hit the next page for Bun B’s definition of being a “king,” in conjuction with T.I. and Akoo’s new contest. Follow AkooClothing on Instagram for more details.

Photo: MSNBC

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