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On any given day, Kanye West is usually spotted with a short list of people. One is Virgil Abloh, DONDA’s Creative Director and the mastermind behind Been Trill and PYREX, who also launched a new clothing line called Off-White.

The brand, which launches Spring/Summer 2014, is similar to PYREX in that it shares similar logo-heavy motifs. Expect a product offering more vast than t-shirts this time around. This collection is comprised of cut and sew pieces and accessories that are created in Italy and designed in-house.

Here, you’ll see Abloh’s take hints from a range of styles, including streetwear, Hip-Hop, and grunge. As a result, we see an interesting take on traditional pieces like hoodies/windbreakers, button-down shirts, denim, and more.

See the first Off-White collection on the following pages. Is it up to par or a little extravagant for your tastes? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Virgil Abloh

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