The woman who was infamously known as “Superhead” amongst the Hip-Hop community is back in the news again for having a rapper’s name spewed from her mouth.

Karrine Steffans, the author of the best-selling Confessions of a Video Vixen, which put countless Hip-Hop personalities on blast stemming from their sexual exploits with her, recently appeared on 106.1 KMEL with Shay Diddy to discuss what else she had poppin’ beside her juice box.

The tone and body language Steffans displayed throughout the interview was largely banal and at times, emotionless. The 35-year-old author did manage to perk up a bit however, when discussing her How To Make Love To a Martian book which was released in February of this year.

Of course the “Martian” in question is Lil Wayne.

“I felt like if I don’t get this done now, and something happens to him or to me, the world would never know that or never believe that this story isn’t ‘Rap-star-meets-video-vixen’,” she candidly spoke. “Ironically, he taught me how to love.”

In 2014, her experience in the book industry has prompted her to push her Steffans Publishing imprint to the forefront with associated partners for comics and pop-up books. FOX also has given her the go-ahead to start production on a pilot for a Vixen series television show where she will maintain creative control.

Knocking her hustle won’t get anyone far in 2014. Check out part one of the drab yet informative interview and hit the flip for part two.

Photo: KMEL

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