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UPDATE (December 31 @ 2:15pm): D. Wade’s baby mama is Aja Metoyer.

Dwyane Wade probably had a bad day yesterday (December 30). News broke that D. Wade was the father of a new baby boy. This is all good but it turns out the new seed isn’t with his fiancée, Gabrielle Union, but with a woman named Sandrina Schultz. 

Of course, Sandrina had already,allegedly, been yapping to the press (read: gossip sites) about her come up; telling one earlier year about Wade’s supposed orgy exploits. Also, the 29-year-old had an affair with Lamar Odom and spoke to Star magazine about his drug use.

Getting impregnated and carrying an NBA superstar’s child to full term is like hitting the lotto in jump off circles, just saying. Now we’re not going to pretend that we give any f-cks about what Sandrina has to say, that’s her and her baby daddy’s, and whoever she snared’s, business.

However, we gotta admit that Wade’s side chick is easy on the eye. Add to that equation the fact that this woman is packing a mean onion; we just had to track down photos of her. Which we are now sharing with you. You’re welcome.

Check out photos of Dwyane Wade’s baby mama Sandrina on the following pages.



Photos: Instagram

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