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Jay Z’s Magna Carta Tour may be one the hottest rap concerts to attend in recent memory, but two women allegedly took things a bit too far with their aspirations to get tickets.

The following story involves a fake baby, Craigslist and a man who was ultimately disfigured as result. If you came looking for struggle, this is the article for you.

According to a Houston court’s documents, a man posted eight tickets on the sketchy site after he realized he couldnt’ attend the Jigga concert at the Toyota Center this past December 19. Two women, Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden, both 20, responded to the ad on December 15 and met at a nearby Starbucks. Instead of experiencing a simple business transaction, a lethal case of aggravated robbery transpired.

Local 10 Reports:

Court documents state the man met the two suspects, later identified as Denitra Sherrelle Green and Cessica Desha Darden, after they asked him to come outside the coffee shop because they couldn’t leave a baby in their vehicle.

The man and his girlfriend went up to the vehicle to speak to Darden through the passenger side window. He told police he leaned into the window with the eight tickets so the suspects could see the tickets better and that’s when Green accelerated the car.

Investigators say the man got stuck in the passenger window, grabbing onto the door and pulling his feet off the ground as the vehicle sped out of the parking lot and onto Durham.

The man asked Green to stop the vehicle, but she refused and Darden kicked his arm to try to get him off the car, according to court documents. Eventually, the man fell off and the suspect’s vehicle ran him over.

Of course these two geniuses were caught when authorities found them in the seats to which the man had tickets for. They both had a bond set for $30,000. The man reportedly will need plastic surgery after suffering road rash to his face and slew of broken bones and appendages.

Jay Z tickets aren’t supposed to hurt anybody. Check the gallery for the disturbing images.

Photo: Houston Police Department, Local10, Marie D. De Jesus, Houston Chronicle

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