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The new year means that next-gen has begun to come into their own, but exactly what new games are worth copping in 2014?

Unless Apple or some other Silicon Valley-backed startup decide to trump the success of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, that means there are unlikely to be any new hardware announcements this year.

As hundreds of thousands of technophiles flood the CES floor in Las Vegas, we’re more focused on what will be the dope line-up for video games in 2014. Anything can change in this fast-paced industry, as it is prone to do, but we’re betting on another banner year for games.

Here’s our most anticipated gaming list of the new year. Are any of these surprises worth copping? Let us know below.

Photo: Ubisoft

We start off with one of the most ingenious first-person-shooters that has gamers on tilt…

Photo: Respawn Entertainment / Microsoft


Release Date: March 4

Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

One of the most important third party debuts for the next-gen finds Respawn Entertainment reminding everyone about their engaging content. Gamers are placed in the shoes of a pilot who can transition from shooting on the ground to destroying foes inside a giant mech. Huge in scope, grand in design, and destructive like a summer action movie blockbuster, Titanfall delivers a strong punch to the gaming industry.

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