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A New York’s mother worst fear may have been confirmed as her months-long search to find her missing austistic teenager. The body parts of Avonte Oquendo may have turned up on a Queens shoreline. Police say the clothes found on the arm, torso and legs match the ones Avonte was last seen wearing before his October 2013 disappearance.

Reports Pix 11:

The feet had a pair of size 5 1/2 Nike Air Jordans. Those are the kind of shoes Oquendo was wearing when he disappeared from his school in Long Island City on Oct. 4. The park where the body parts washed up is 11 miles from Oquendo’s school.

The Oquendo’s family attorney, David Perecman, said the partial remains also contained underwear and size 16 jeans. The jeans, though degraded, were found to be the same size that Avonte wore.

Police waders are searching the water with dogs sniffing the terrain along the shore as part of a concerted effort to turn up the rest of the body.

Perecman also told the news that Avonte’s mother, Vanesssa Fountaine is optimistic that the remains did not belong to her and she has provided a DNA sample so the lab can offer up quick results.

Check the gallery to see pics of the scene at the shoreline.

Photo: New York Daily News, WCBS 2

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