The struggle is definitely trill when you’re being dragged to court for not being your rapper’s keeper.

Akon makes big money with big artists and sometimes the business end gets a little skewed along the way.

The story goes, Akon and fellow Hip-Pop star, Pitbull were paid $300K for a guest appearance from an ultra-rich Egyptian singer. After they completed the track, the video was to follow but when it came down to the shoot, the Cuban rapper didn’t feel like it was a priority.

And Akon is to blame, according the furious Egyptian.

Via TMZ:

Singer Tamer Hosny filed the suit against Akon … claiming he paid the singer $300K for both him and Pitbull to sing on Tamer’s new song “Arabian Knight.”

Akon delivered the track — but according to the lawsuit, in return for the $300K … Akon and Pitbull were supposed to appear in the “Arabian Knight” music video … but Pitbull was a no show.

Tamer claims Akon promised to deliver Pitbull for the shoot, so it’s his fault and he’s on the hook.

Tamer says it’s double the disaster because he had to pay $100K for cameras and crew the day of the shoot … all for nothing.

Although we’re not familiar with the music industry customs of Egypt, the word of the artist should never fly for any sort of transaction, right?

Photo: YouTube

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